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to use in Kids Moments™ Pencils

Besides painting portraits in graphite pencil, oils, acrylics, water color, pastels, and colored pencils, she loves creating wonderful line art in pen and ink. For the ink washes the style is free flowing, like you would have in a water color. These are located at  LaFoote Art Gallery.

Many people absolutely love her work, and they are so satisfied with the quality that comes from her talent they come back for more. This is why we can offer a quality guarantee for her work. Each painting created is hand crafted by only Linda Foote.

Linda resides in a 2 story home located in the Tennessee Valley. And from her studio room she is having great success in teaching art to others, plus creating all kinds of original treasures for others and for herself. She has found a great love in teaching others how to develop their talent. It has become very fulfilling.

My Guarantee

If you are interested in learning about the art classes, or even taking private lessons for yourself, be sure you browse the art classes page or the policy page to get more information on the subjects she teaches and much more. This is a special invitation to come visit us and become one of those that support and truly love the creative process of art.  Make the effort to do what you really desire to do in life. It is all so much fun when you do.

Be sure and check out the testimonies page for a few comments from those who have already received art work from Linda.

YouTube Link to free art lesson

001 Pencil Drawing Lesson free video lesson.

Linda has eight grand children and they are some of her best subjects for the examples used in Kids Moments™ Pencils.
The computer has been very versatile in helping her create some stunning digital art from photos, using photoshop. Linda also works as a web designer and has created all three of her  personal websites.

The ability to capture life like qualities has brought Linda art commissions from clients around the world, of animals, humans and landscape settings. Many clients have been adding to their personal HEIRLOOMS of her original art, especially the realistic pencil art Linda creates.

Being versatile has brought work such as wall murals of jet fighters, butterflies, light houses, and huge beach scenes, to creating large 50 foot scenic backdrops on panels for church drama productions.

a butterfly done in color pencil

Kids Moments™ Pencils began in thought around December 2000. Linda drew a black and white portrait of her grand daughter with just the bright color of her favorite red shoes showing their color, for a gift to her daughter. This is when the idea of a touch of color added to basically a black and white pencil painting began for her.

pencil drawing of a little girl with red shoes
color pencil drawing of a toddler in diapers Richard Parr, his father(right) and grandson(left) two girls working hard to create what they love in art class art students creating art photo of an art class student doing art Grandmother and her grand son taking art classes together