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Linda Foote is a remarkable women and I feel as if I have known her all my life and yet I have only ever had contact with her through e-mail. Linda has a talent that I am not sure where on earth one gets one from, I'm sure this talent is only given out to very special people. 10 months ago my beautiful little Sister Roxanne, Nephew Luke & Niece Grace were taken from this world unexpectedly and unfortunately we never ever got a photo of the three of them together. Life is taken for granted sometimes and you never ever think something like this would ever happen to you and always think there is plenty of time to capture that special moment on camera, but we never did. You don't ever realize what you don't have until it's too late. Therefore I had an idea one day and thought to myself, I wander if I had three separate photo's could any one out there do anything to bring them together. I wanted this so much to give as a gift to my wonderful Mother who misses her youngest daughter and only grandchildren very much. I went searching on the web one day and found Linda's web site and e-mailed her asking if it could be done, she promptly replied "Yes" and it went from  there.

Don Ricks and grand son pencil drawingLinda's web site contains examples of many exceptional and insightful portraits, so it was easy to say to myself that I would cherish such a work of my own. When the opportunity came, I contacted Linda and asked if she would view my favorite photo and do the portrait. She agreed to do the work, gave me a fair price, and I did not hesitate to send her the money on faith. She has not disappointed me with the results, and the personal integrity of this lady is a blessing and an example I appreciate. You can trust Linda to provide an heirloom, a special life time gift, and a memory saved in a creative way.     

Thank you, Linda!      It is a personal honor to recommend your services.

                             Donald M. Ricks, Decatur, Alabama                                   August 2005

mother and son pencil painting

dancing cousins pencil drawingLinda Foote has given me more than a pencil painting with a touch of color she has given me a treasure. It's truly remarkable how she was able to capture the eyes and the hands of my precious Granddaughters.

I told Linda that I can understand how someone could paint a vase of flowers, a cotton field, or a ship- but to paint a portrait requires a special talent. When I saw my treasure for the first time, I knew that Linda Foote had this talent. She is a very gifted lady.

I highly recommend her- you're in for a treat !!   Bill Hasty, Huntsville, Alabama       3 March 2004

mom and dad 60 th anniversary pencil drawingDear Linda.

This is what Dad and I put together for you to put in your testimonials with the picture you made for us. Here it is:

Linda, our daughter made this beautiful portrait for us, of her and her brothers and sister, when they were younger. This was such a complete and wonderful surprise for us. She captured the looks and personality so completely, we wanted to cry.siblings pencil painting

Linda's artistic abilities goes way back as a little girl with her drawings ever where, in my books, on the walls, and any where else she could find a place to draw. We realized her talents then. Got her lots of paper, colored pencils and crayons for her.

When she grew older we encouraged her more with her art. As her mother and also an artist. We are so very proud of Linda and her art work and what she has accomplished. These Kids Moments pictures she produces now are truly astounding.

Love you Linda and Thank you so much.        Your Mom and Dad Foote

I hope you like this as we mean every word of it... Love Mom                          May 2003

Linda Foote from Kids Moments has made a drawing of my wife "Ann" for me as a Christmas present for her. I call Ann by her nickname "pretty blue eyes", because she has always had such pretty eyes. Linda has captured her eyes in this drawing, Ann shows this picture to everyone that comes to our house.You will love her work!           Virgil Lee Johnson                                4 March 2003

Lina Waldrop pencil drawingWe saw some of her work at a town festival and loved it. We were still cautious because we thought maybe this was her best work she was showing and wondered what our picture would look like.

We sent a picture of our 2 year old daughter with her favorite blanket and her favorite stuffed kitty. We actually sent two pictures because we wanted a different facial expression. The finished product was amazing! She captured the glow within our little girl that we see every day. We were also shocked at how much Ms. Kitty, the stuffed animal, looked like the real Ms. Kitty.

Ms. Foote is the best I've seen, and we enthusiastically recommend her to anyone interested in having a drawing of a loved one.                     Sincerely, Christy Waldrop                                                         25 Feb 2003

Lilo Waldrop pencil drawingSam Waldrop pencil drawing

“In 2012 the Waldrop’s commissioned me to add to their collection the portraits of their two youngest children in 2011 as pictured to the right and left. They are very pleased with the outcome, as so was I. “

Life is so good ~ Linda Foote

a pencil painting of a dog


We were extremely pleased with the charcoal drawing which you created of our boxer Oliver. The detail was incredible, the resemblance perfect, and the overall effect was stunning. It enjoys a special place in our family gallery, hanging along

side of our favorite photos of children and grandchildren.

Mike and Kate Belt            July 2013

Paula Perkiins 3 cats pencil drawingFrom: Paula Perkins       Date: Thursday, July 25, 2013 07:45:49 AM

Hi Linda,  Here is my testimonial. I hope it isn't too gushy! Ha Ha!  If it isn't quite right let me know. Linda wanted to craft a picture of something that I loved. Well, my three cats fit the bill. When I saw the finished product I just melted! I couldn’t take my eyes off of the beautiful piece of art that Linda had drawn, as if some part of me was pulled into it's magnificence. I still feel much love in my heart each time I see this wonderful work. Obviously, Linda’s love and light is put into each and every piece of work she does, because she enjoys what she does. For the rest of my life, I have some artwork that will grace my home with tenderness, and open anyone’s heart who gazes upon it. I am grateful for the feelings it brings to me and my home!                Love and Light forever,    Paula

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my grandma and my grand daughter pencil painting mother and her sons pencil painting Paula Hopson and daughter and son pencil drawing

When I received the portrait I couldn't believe it, the detail and likeness was perfect and so life like, my eyes filled with tears. Their eyes are so real and Roxanne's smile and Luke & Grace's little mouths are just perfect. Little Grace would always have that pout with her lips happening and that funny little blank stare, she's a funny little girl and Luke such a happy go lucky little man.

My Sister Roxanne would always have a smile on her face, even when things were bad she always managed to smile, everyone I speak to always mentions Roxanne's beautiful smile as being one prominent thing in their memories of her. To think I sent Linda three separate photo's and she has brought my precious family together like this, the way I want to remember them, smiles and together. Linda has given me such a treasure and I will always remember Linda for what she has done and be forever grateful to her. I would highly recommend her work to anyone out there who is thinking of having a drawing done. I miss my loved ones so very much and it is so comforting seeing them together like this.   Thank you Linda.    Sincerely grateful, Paula Hopson ...........New South Wales, Australia..............May 2005

Below  are comments from people who have their very own art treasure from artist Linda Foote.